WIX Verses Wordpress A Scientific Comparison – Is WIX Bad For SEO

by Dean Barker

Is WIX really that bad?

Has anyone who can actually rank a website well tested the difference?

Is there any data proving of disproving whether WIX is worse than Wordpress?


It is extremely difficult to find any information beyond conjecture on the, is WIX bad for SEO debate. From the outside we can see WIX has a lot of users and there is a lot of search volume about SEO and the WIX platform. Additionally, there is debate about whether it is any good for SEO at all. Certainly most Facebook groups for SEO pros and forums absolutely rubbish WIX for SEO whenever a noob brings it up, with comments such as,

“the best thing for WIX SEO is to copy and paste it all into Wordpress”

However, is this the right mindset for an evidence based SEO agency to operate its Search Engine Optimisation workflow? We would argue hell no.  An agency who wishes to be consistently successful at ranking should base their workflow on evidence based practices, not old SEO wives tails. Therefore if warranted a proper science based test should be setup where a hypnosis can be either proven or disproved.  Furthermore, SEO is a competitive industry and being the first or one of few search experts working in a niche can quickly translate in to health profits.

So step one is to form a Null hypothesis and we are going to focus on a litmus test result so show it is positive or negative result under our testing conditions. Then we will devise a method of quick deployment for testing




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