SEO Research in 2019

by Dean Barker

Why conduct SEO research?

It is important to understand that how your competition is doing their SEO and what the competition is doing.  This will improve your efforts in getting the top spots in any search engine especially with Google. As a marketing leader in your field and budding SEO expert, it is important to look at the many factors that go into a website.  Factors which are beyond just what the on-page looks like and does the website have any good backlinks and is the website branded for a company.why should you research SEO?

There are many website ranking factors. Each an important component of a total picture which will interact with a search engines algorithm and together these will build upon or hurt a websites ranking positions for many keywords.  Getting these factors right can be extremely frustrating as there are no exact instructions to rank number 1 in the serps and there is no immediate feed back. Rather you have to wait to see the fruits of your many completed search engine optimisation tasks. We pride ourselves on using the scientific method to unravel the mysterys of the search engine algorithm.  Having done a lot of SEO testing to see what components work best and what components are simply not important or product for ranking.  We also highlight what is going to be the most scale-able and efficient method to rank a website in 2019.  

One very important component of SEO research is keyword research.  These are the keywords that are used by potential clients to find exactly the service that you offer. 

Keyword research is key and a somewhat straight forward with lots of good SEO tools which make the job easier, such as ahrefs, kwfinder (my favourite), semrush, keyword planner form adwords and specialty tools like LSI Graph. The time taken is certainly worth the effort.  There are certain keywords or phrases that people tend to use when looking for your particular service and finding those keywords is important.  After all, we can have your website ranking really well for various keywords, but if it’s not the right set of keywords, you won’t see any increase in leads, which, is the point of doing all of this.

Keyword research should be constantly done, meaning, in the beginning, you find a set to go after.  Once you have achieved the goal of that first set, it’s time to add more keyword phrases. This will allow your audience to expand and you to capture just that many more leads.  

On-Page SEO

SEO testing is done through trial and error.  The calculations and algorithms are constantly changing making this a real battle in the search engines.  What might have worked a few months ago, doesn’t work so well anymore.   As an individual it is almost impossible to know exactly what is going on without research, testing, measuring and tools to rely on. New statistical tools like CORA, Page optimiser pro, SEO Surfer are certainly helping met the needs of us and active SEO techs. Consequently, it is more reason why constant testing and improving is always a must. In the SEO agency world isn’t what it used to be.  You used to be able to keyword stuff and throw a ton of backlinks at it and it would rank. However, in 2019 a more holistic approach is becoming the winning path.. in this day and age, it takes a lot more skill.  You need proper content and structure. You also need to hedge and not be all in on one method as this is what has caught out many a SEO Guru in the past… the Hero SEOs of the past who could do no wrong and who dominated, who were then snuffed out overnight. Losing clients, reputation and income to then have to take a job at 7 Eleven…dropping from the marketing spot light. 

There is more emphasis on the On-Page SEO and a holistic approach to Search marketing in 2019 than there ever has been.  You need to constantly create new marketing and better content to improve reader engagement. You need to be a mini frontend developer and CRO specialist to improve the user experience. Backlinking is more about networking of the people kind than networking of the development and tech kind, as you need to get people interested and talking about your website rather than building massive fake PBN networks. All these are things that an SEO company studies, tests and understands, or at least they should. 

And, there is branding and off-page SEO that needs to be completed as well.  During the SEO research phase, it is important to really take a look at the competition and see what they are doing.  Take a look at their citations and the number of citations that you can find on them. Ensure that your citations are done better than theirs. 

All of your foundation links are used for branding and should be properly filled out and completed as much as possible.  Many companies don’t like to take the time to do this process. However, it’s becoming more and more needed in the ranking.  In fact, many of the processes that take a good amount of time, are the areas that many people could use to improve their SEO strategies.  This meaning filling out citations all the way, continue to keep up on 2.0 blogs and always maintaining great content.

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