SEO Research and Test Results

by Dean Barker

Consistent Ranking Results Based On Scientific Testing

We all have our website ranking ideas and best SEO practices when we work on our own and client websites. However, how many of those ideas have actually been tested? This isn’t going to be a fancy website it is going to be just like a published paper. Just results, method and conclusion.

Our Goal at Sterling Market Intelligence is to better inform the SEO Professional community with concrete search engine tests and results that they can apply to their marketing clients pages.

We would like to do a special thank you to Gold Coast SEO Company Mebsites who have helped us setup this website for our testing results and worked with us to create the tests and carry out many of our experiments. Many thanks from the Sterling Marketing Intelligence to them if you need a great SEO expert who basis their process in evidence based research we recommend you talk to them at

SEO Testing Results

Testing search engine optimization is often one of the most overlooked processes in the SEO community. We all to often just through everything at a project, affiliate or client website with little concrete evidence to back it up. Website ranking then turns into what seems more a game of luck than certainty and clients literally gamble their business websites Google rankings on whether you can guess it right or not this time.

Great Video by Josh Bachynski, SEO Testing Legend

What is the Scientific Method of Testing SEO?

Scientifically testing search engine optimisation techniques is a method of procedure that consists of  systematic observation, formulation  of a hypothesis. An accurate measurement of data and experimental method to prove your null hypothesis. An unbiased Analysis of results, a conclusion then sharing of your findings.  Only through this method can an SEO practice be determined to be effective, ineffective or inconclusive.