Most SEOs will tell you that web page speed is now a very important ranking factor and we would agree that is important, if for no other reason than for improved user experience. However what evidence do we have to actually support that conclusion. So often in SEO there is little to any testing on the correlation between website speed and ranking. The following test is by no means extensive, but it is a good
Is WIX really that bad? Has anyone who can actually rank a website well tested the difference? Is there any data proving of disproving whether WIX is worse than WordPress?   It is extremely difficult to find any information beyond conjecture on the, is WIX bad for SEO debate. From the outside we can see WIX has a lot of users and there is a lot of search volume about SEO and the WIX platform.
Local 3 Pack Youtube Video Ranking Experiment Test results coming We would like to thank for helping us with this as they are video ranking experts we really look forward to publishing our joint results in the next month.
Our First Test Results Will Appear Here We are Looking at publishing mymaps results first